We provide telemedicine and telehealth services exclusively. We have a network of fully certified doctors, nurses, specialists, psychologists and other professionals whom we match to each patient depending on their needs.

All our work is done online, using the most advanced, secure and intuitive technology available to care for patients whose conditions can be treated effectively with online consultations, prescriptions and health monitoring. Should a patient require an in-person visit we coordinate with that patient’s primary physician. If a patient needs in-person care and does not have a physician of record, we provide referrals, and provide referrals to local specialist as well. We also help patients get the most out of their insurance benefits, whether they are on Medicare or Medicaid, or have private insurance coverage or are self-paying. We are passionate about helping U.S. Military Veterans to optimize their VA benefits and services, as a tangible way to thank them for their service.

Affordable, immediate, quality care.

  • $75 for a general consult
  • $85 for a specialist consult
  • $299 for an initial psychologist consult
  • $99 for additional psychologist consults
  • For Medicare patients getting remote patient monitoring and chronic care management the devices and the care is always at no cost to them. Medicare pays for all of it.
  • For all patients where we can accept your insurance you pay only co-pays and deductibles determined by your policy.
  • For uninsured patients we accept credit and debit card payments.
  • Family plans, military discounts, military grants and other special programs are available.

It only takes minutes to get started!